Cathy Berman, MFT

SERVICES — Psychotherapy: Individuals, Couples & Support Groups for Expectant & New Parents

Pregnancy and Postpartum

Help with depression, anxiety and managing role overload. more›

Pregnancy Loss

A nonjudgmental space to talk about feelings and thoughts after miscarriage or abortion. more›

Expectant and New Parents

Navigating this phase of a relationship can be challenging and extremely satisfying. more›

Young Adults

Finding work, love and community; strengthening your foundation. more›


Support with finding and maintaining love and friendship; help with navigating work and family. more›

Living Well With Chronic Illness or Disability

Maximizing well-being, coping and assertiveness skills and finding the humor. more›


Learn ways to manage anxiety so that it doesn’t rule your life. more›


Find out what is keeping you down and how to live a more contented life. more›

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