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TWENTY-SOMETHING: A decade of Sea Change for most of us in many ways:

  • Home – moving out from parents, where and with who?
  • Work – college, vocation, economy, what fits?
  • Relationships – out of comfort zone, new friends, love, co-workers, old friends spread out
  • New freedoms and responsiblities – sex, navigating choices


  • Sort through conflicting expectations.
  • Cope with uncertainty
  • Clarify your values and lifestyle goals
  • Replace worn-out messages from the past
  • Build on your strengths to create a strong sense of yourself in mind and body

By learning to navigate change you will:

  • Trust your ability to get through hard times in the future.
  • Tune into your intuition about people you want in your life.
  • Follow your passions and interests to find work that fits.
  • Treat yourself with compassion when you change the plan.
  • Know when to ask for support and lean on others.


Therapy can be a safe and non-judgmental place to explore decision-making, your range of feelings, family and spiritual beliefs and to expand your support.

TIP SHEET — See Cathy’s Tips for Smoother Sailing for Twenty-Somethings›

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