Cathy Berman, MFT

SERVICES — Relationships

Maintaining a loving relationship is the subject of many songs, poems, epic novels and movies across generations./p>

Relationships can derail as a result of:

  • Work stress and demands
  • Infidelity
  • Role overload in caring for children or aging parents
  • Illness
  • Changes in one or both partners
  • Conflicts in values
  • Financial strain

Talk therapy based on scientific relationship research has resulted in many positive helpful approaches to find happiness and contentment for couples.

I can work with you to:

  • Identify roadblocks
  • Clarify values and expectations
  • Re-negotiate roles
  • Foster compassionate love – relating to your partner’s good, bad & edgy
  • Interrupt viscous cycles
  • Take time out from work to play together
  • Rekindle intimacy


Have you lost that loving feeling?….Or looking to find a lasting partner in love? That ship has not sailed!

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